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New, Open Box; Bring the Pokemon world to life with this incredible 8 Figure Pack. Featuring six detailed and dynamically posed 2in figures, and two articulated 3in figures, each selection included in this 8-pack are all-time fan-favorite Pokemon. This Battle Pack includes Kanto Region First Partner Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, the iconic Electric-type, Pikachu, the creepy Dark- and Fairy-type, Mimikyu, the adorable Normal-type, Eevee, the mysterious Dark-type Umbreon, and the mystical Psychic-type Espeon. All eight look like they have jumped right out of the Pokemon Animated Series, which also makes it the best way to replicate all of your favorite moves from the Series. The Pokemon in this multipack will prove to be mighty competitors when it’s time to battle. Add these awesome Pokemon to your team today. Gotta Catch’Em All! An Officially licensed Pokemon product from Jazwares.

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