AIRPOP — Light SE 4 Pack KN95 Masks — Black — 43576



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AIRPOP — Light SE 4 Pack KN95 Masks — Black — 43576


AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. Since 2015, we’ve been leveraging anthropomorphic & material science with the latest technology to build ultra-high-performance products that provide an unrivaled breathing experience for millions of users around the world. Comprised of an award-winning team of experts in performance apparel, ergonomics, air filtration, material science, and advanced manufacturing. The foundation of our entire range of masks is class-leading filtration that works 2 ways. Every breath inward through AirPop masks is 97% filtered of particles and droplets and importantly today, every breath outward is filtered just the same. Your Air – Your choice. Designed for everyday use, with a super-light construction that ensures the mask’s shape doesn’t collapse. It maintains an air cushion between your mouth, nose and lips for comfortable breathing. KN95 certified.

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